How Do Live Breaks Work?

Purchase packs from the store and you will be placed in a queue where your packs will be opened live on our YouTube channel! Be sure to include your YouTube user name in the notes at checkout so we know who to make a shout out to. All sales are final. No returns.

See products for additional details.

LIVE: Wednesdays 7:00 PM CST and Saturday/Sundays 6:45 PM CST*

*Orders made before these days will be opened on the next available date. We usually stream 2-3 times a week. Live dates are subject to change, please check our YouTube page for the latest updates.

  • Join in on the fun!

    Get a shout out and watch as we open your packs LIVE! Participate in fun games as well as giveaways!

  • Trusted Seller!

    If you watch us on YouTube you know who we are! We also sell on eBay with over 500 items sold and 100% feedback!

  • Guaranteed Hits!

    Guaranteed hits or extra packs/prizes! If not from your packs, then guaranteed hits will be from the Over Stock pile (Contains ultra rares, trainer galleries, radiant cards and above)!

  • No Need to Sort Bulk!

    No need to sort bulk! Save on shipping weight! If it shines it ships!


Once you purchase packs to open live, you will start a bag with us. We ship only hits (if it shines it ships) by default.

Bags are held up to 6 months or until full (6x6x6 box). If shipping is not paid when shipping is due, cards will be assumed as donations.

When you are ready for shipping, please add it to your next order OR purchase it below. We will process your bag on the next available ship date (Mondays).

Purchase Shipping